Friday, October 29, 2010

Twas the night before Halloween weekend...

and all through our house, the pumpkins are carved, painted, be-jewelled, glued, wrapped and chalked- awaiting the arrival of little trick-or-treaters!

Picnik collage

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good Things

A Halloween dessert


"Decorating" for Halloween- with spider pictures- they had a spider themed day at preschool and that seemed to inspire Nora- she's been drawing spiders all week.


My very favorite spider that she drew was this one- unfortunately on her little doodle board from which it will get erased--so I took a picture-


Mastering the scissors so you can make collages yourself- only PINK ones of course-


The baby maple tree in our yard going from dressed to undressed in just about a week -

Falling asleep while reading before bed. I love that she fell asleep reading that page specifically- I wish I had a hidden camera so I could watch her nodding off as she reads!
The book she was reading is a lovely one- she has loved it since she was very little-


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Nora and I went to the pumpkin patch this weekend.


Erik was working and it always seems that friends are busy with family stuff on weekends so it was just the two of us.

Obviously I take a lot of pictures of Nora; when she was younger she went through a period where she would never look at my camera- I think that was partly her age and partly that at that time I was taking SO many pictures to try to master focus, exposure, etc, that she was just done with me (and rightly so). Now I rarely take any pictures of her when we're at home, other than just a funny moment or costume, so that has helped and she now understands that she will enjoy looking at the pictures of a fun event later so she usually poses and smiles. But for some reason on this trip, she was not interested in looking at the camera. As we are both stubborn, strong willed persons- I persisted in trying to get her to look- and she persisted in refusing to look directly at me or to smile. So we had a fun battle of the wills over photos the entire trip.

We actually did have a lot fun; maybe all her powers of resistance were channeled into refusing the pictures, as there were no battles when I capped the number of rides and the amounts of treats and pumpkins and games, etc. She has matured enough lately to very sweetly deal with disappointment by saying "maybe next time." So- (as long as she is not over tired!)- when told she can't do something or eat something, she will say "maybe we can do that next time Mama" or "maybe I can eat that next time" Her sweet little voice is always so hopeful when she says this that I always tell her, yes, of course we can next time!

And of course if she is super tired, this is not what happens. But I will spare you the details of all that.

"Ooh this is a cute sign- we'll come back each year and take a picture here!

Smile Nora!"



"OK I might smile- but I wont look at you Mom!"


I think she was telling me to go away here. Or else asking for a treat


Which she got- but didn't like- she thought the caramel made the popcorn taste funny. I ate it all.


These kids watching her made me laugh- I hope their mom got a good picture from the other side!


"I'm not going to look at you Mom- especially when you wave and call to me while I'm on a ride"





"I'll grit my teeth and give a grin here"


Checking out the hay maze


Really giving me the stink eye here-


Picking out pumpkins-




Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day at the Farm

This past Wednesday we went with some friends to a farm near our house that has been turned into a child's paradise. They have multiple swings, animals to feed and pet, tractors and bulldozers (that you can climb all over), a giant tree house, hammocks, sandboxes, climbing trees, tricycles and a zipline.

Nora has the best time there- she likes the multiple choices of swings best of all. They are mounted to very high branches so they swing out in wonderful wide arcs - so much more fun than playground swings.

Picnik collage

Nora got really into feeding the goats on this visit, when previously she was a little scared about doing it. I think the sheep and goats here have one of the best views in the county from their house. I liked this little guy's super long goatee.

Picnik collage

There are many lovely places to sit and relax throughout the farm

Picnik collage

and trees to climb


and places to hang.

Picnik collage
(Photo note here: We were here on a beautiful day, but it was absolutely the worst for picture taking since the sun was super bright and if there if there was any shade it was very patchy. I rarely, if ever, use my flash- and I have no clue about how to use it well- but I did turn it on here for some pictures- like this one on the right- and it really helped even the light out. It's a good trick if you are taking snapshots on a super bright sunny day- especially if you are shooting in full auto mode.)

Nothing like spending a beautiful fall morning on a tire swing...

Monday, October 18, 2010


We went to the zoo today with good friends.

Nora and Jett had a great time. The highlights were definitely the carousel and the train.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

They thought the animals were pretty neat too-

Picnik collage

Some of them even had pumpkins for Halloween


A post zoo lollipop on the way home-


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wedding in Estes Park

Nora and I went to Estes Park this weekend- to the supposedly haunted Stanley Hotel. Legend has it that Stephen King wrote the Shining while staying there.


However, much to Nora's relief we weren't there to ghost hunt, but rather to celebrate- and photograph- the wedding of a very old and dear friend- Kevi. Our connection is a long story that goes way back, and in the midst of it all we lost contact for too many years but I am so happy that she is back in my life, as is a new friend- her fiance, Matt. Her story is an incredible one- and hers to tell- but here she is as a stunning bride, just 20 weeks post heart transplant.


I am no wedding photographer- and even though the wedding was small and relaxed, I was pretty nervous going into the whole thing. Kevi and Matt were so kind and brave to trust me and I hope they are happy with some of the pictures I got-- I have a lot more to edit but this is one of my favorites.


Nora was a rock-star assistant- I was also nervous about having her along and having to divide myself between her needs and taking photos since Erik couldn't come- but with some help from Kevi's mom, she did great. And she served as impromptu flower girl as well since her outfit matched the flowers so well. She's been asking me to tell her about the wedding the entire rest of the weekend.


And of course she got ice cream on the way home.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Good Things

A random piece of packaging from a Costco box- that instantly became a robot costume-- Erik and I were in hysterics watching her dance around.

Picnik collage

A pear pancake- so easy and good if you have a couple ripe pears lying around- recipe here


Getting our screen doors painted and installed this week- thanks to Erik's parents- on both the front and back doors. I love them- they are wood and make that nice summer banging sound when they close.

Picnik collage

A trip to the local flower store to see Colorado's biggest pumpkin. Nora was pleased that there was a nice scarecrow there as well.

Picnik collage

"Planting" a fall garden in the backyard


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nora and Grandpa take a Nap

I was making dinner and heard Grandpa's reading voice get slower and softer and I looked over to see this--

101011_October10_-5 copy

Sunday, October 10, 2010


We had a wonderful time at the circus yesterday.

Heading into the collesium with Daddy and Grandma


They had a pre-show where you could watch some of the animals and performers up close. Nora watched from Daddy's shoulders.

Picnik collage

There were a lot of great acrobatic acts, definitely more in the Cirque du Soleil style than I remember Barnum and Bailey having in the past. Nora stayed pretty transfixed the whole time.

Picnik collage

There were animals acts too of course, and Nora was happy because there was a baby elephant, just like in her "Circus Baby" book. His name was Barack, as he was born on Obama's inauguration day.

Picnik collage

I ate a ton of popcorn and Nora polished off an enormous bag of cotton candy and had a sticky face for the rest of the day. She asked for more cotton candy this morning of course...and I explained it was only for very special occasions! All in all a great day!

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