Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Lia

As many of you know, Lia was born with a heart condition that was repaired in China when she was 9 months old. We will go see the Cardiologist soon to see how she's doing and what, if any, further procedures she may need, but from all appearances her heart function seems normal right now (and she sure put her heart to a good test with all her airplane screaming :)

Lia was blessed to have had her surgery paid for by the organization Love Without Boundaries and we are forever indebted to this amazing group for the difference that they made in her life. There are many children in orphanages in China who do not have their heart conditions repaired. Some die or have permanent damage from a condition that goes unrepaired for too long, when it could have been a straightforward surgical fix had it been done earlier. So any way that these heart repairs- and many other surgeries- can be funded is a worthy cause.

During our whole adoption process we were not allowed to know for sure that her surgery had been funded by LWB (although we suspected that it had) but as soon as she was home, I sent a request for information and it came back that they had indeed had funded her surgery, and best of all, we got some priceless baby pictures! We had no pictures or information about her before she was 14 months old, so I was so happy to receive these.

This is pretty much the youngest picture we have- she was five months old here

Right after her heart surgery in November 2009
There's that beautiful smile! Sporting the JCrew rugby shirt look here. May 2010

November 2010

 I also cried a little bit when I saw these, as I've missed so much of her little life! On the Love Without Boundaries information sheet that we received with that bottom photo, it said that her file was being prepared for adoption at that time. Well somehow nothing happened on the adoption front until an entire year later- when her file was finally released in late November of 2011 and we first saw her face December 2011.  I of course am selfishly so grateful for that delay, although I regret that she had to spend as much time as she did in an orphanage...it makes my head spin to think out all that was involved for her to be matched with our family- but I am simply thankful to God that she is home with us.

A couple things in the info that they sent that were so cute-
March 2010 "When she doesn't eat or is nearly full, she will pass the feeding bottle to Ayi or shake her head to say "NO""
That's our Sha-Sha! She does this cute little hand wave/head shake when she is done with something.

also- "The orphanage staff describes her as “very clever and eager”. It seems that she is quite the
teacher’s pet during speaking lessons and always comes right up to the front of the class to stand next to
the Ayi."
Yes- that would be Lia!

OK- more tomorrow- I actually managed to get a couple pictures of the girls with my big camera- finally.

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  1. What a precious gift to have these. I can see that Lia is very outgoing and is not afraid to express herself. She reminds me of one of my Chinese adopted students who makes her presence known (her name is Phoebe and I adore her). Rose