Saturday, June 2, 2012


I'm glad for this blog as I'm not able to work on a memory book at all right now- so I'll put it here and get it in a book at some point!

 Things Lia likes right now-
ice cream
water play
going to the park
going around without pants on
holding her sister's hand when out for a walk
dried berries
certain flavors of Lara bars
being goofy, teasing us and getting us to laugh at her
riding in the car, getting in her car seat
playing outside
napping in Mama's bed with Mama and Nora lying down next to her

things she doesn't like-
bread or tortillas or anything resembling bread
most fresh fruit
fresh vegetables
having something taken from her 
sleeping alone
waking up from a nap

Words she is saying-
Mama, Baba
"Newya" (Nora)
"peekabow- see you!"
all done/all gone
"Mama help"
"Mama come right back"
bye-bye, good bye
"Im damap" ("I'm the map" from Dora)
"wheredago" ("where did it go?" when she hides something)


Loves climbing at the park

Climbing after eating- and spilling- her ice cream- i keep forgetting to bring bibs, etc when we go out....

Checking out farm art at the park

Playing at the creek with friends

Nora put 15 bandaids on ShaSha the other day. The berries are just for show here- she spits them out when they touch her mouth- but she likes to feed them to Nora and me

We went to Dairy Queen and she refused her ice cream sundae for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden she tried it and this was the smile after trying it- she laughed really loud too which is the way we know she really likes something.

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  1. Do you have any idea what they ate in the orphanage? Didn't you say that she doesn't like rice either?
    I like that I saw your house, the park, etc., so now I can envision where you are and what you are doing.