Erik and I met in 2003, married in 2006 and our daughter, Nora Isabel, was born September of 2007.

We had talked about adopting internationally from the time we first met, but it was always relegated to the "someday we'd like to adopt" category. "Someday" became "let's go ahead and do it now" when we had trouble conceiving a second child.  We didn't feel that it was right for our family to aggressively pursue fertility treatments when we were open to adopting one of the many children in the world who need a home. After much research, we decided to adopt from China's Special Needs program, which was a good fit for our family for many reasons. Piles and piles of paperwork were completed and submitted to China in November 2011.

Then on December 1, 2011, our lives changed when we received a phone call and then opened our email to see this precious face:

We are planning on traveling in May to bring her home. She will be named Lia Jo LuHongsha, after her paternal grandmothers, Cecilia and JoEllen. Lu Hongsha is the name she was given in China.

Adoption Stats:
2/25/2011 Decide to adopt
3/8/11 Go to Adoption Alliance information session
3/16/11 Submit initial paperwork to Adoption Alliance
3/21/11 Social worker calls to set up first home visit
4/9/11 First education class at Adoption Alliance, we tell Nora about the adoption
4/12/11 Complete all Adoption Alliance paperwork
5/4/11 Second home visit from Social Worker
6/29/11 Decide on Bay Area Adoption Services (BAAS) as our placing agency
7/25/11 Decide that our new daughter will be named Lia Jo, send I-800A form to Adoption Alliance
10/6/11 Receive I-800A approval
10/25/11 All documents to BAAS
10/28/11 Documents to China
11/8/11 LID (log in date)
12/1/11 REFERRAL from BAAS!
12/3/11 Letter of Intent to adopt Lia Jo LuHongsha
12/14/11 PA (preliminary approval) from China to adopt Lia
1/26/12  Lia's third birthday
2/22/12 We received our Letter of Acceptance from China, I-800 form mailed out to USCIS
3/6/12 I-800 approval
3/14/12 NVC pdf received
3/30/12 Article 5 pick up- waiting on Travel Approval!
4/9/12 Travel Approval
5/8/12 We depart for China!